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Don’t Be Little

I dropped off my son to preschool the other day (well, I do that every day, but this story is about the other day, and, well, moving along…). After he washed his hands he was having a hard time getting the paper towel from the dispenser to dry off. I offered to help him, but he insisted on doing it himself. One of the moms made the comment, “They think they’re so big at this age.” I didn’t say anything to her, but these are my thoughts:

Why tell him that he’s not big, and that there are things he can’t do?

There is no limit to what he can do, or who he can be.

Just because I’m ‘big’ doesn’t give me the right to make him little.

He is going to accomplish things simply because he was never informed by the learned that they were impossible.

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Bold Move

Fifteen years ago today was a Sunday. Not just any Sunday. It was THE Sunday. I stepped out and boldly invited myself to a Superbowl party that my friend had been invited to. It seemed at the time to be an insignificant decision, but it was one that would completely change the direction of my life. That tends to happen when you meet The One. Despite her being annoyed at my audacity to just show up, by continuing to do so, within a few short months we were in love, a year later engaged, and in anther three, married. This has been an amazing journey, which I wouldn’t trade for anything. It really gets better every day. Here’s to the next 15.

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