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A Little Fib

Introduced Noah to the Fibonacci Sequence the other night.

“Here’s a pattern.  Write the number 1, then make the next number the sum of the previous two.”
“But there is only one number.”
“So what’s one plus nothing?”
“Oh, ok.” 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 “Hey, this isn’t a pattern.”
“What’s the next number?”
“If it’s not a pattern then how did you know?” <EvilGrin> He looks at me as if to say, “Smartypants.”  So he goes to 144 and decides to stop because “this is gonna get big really fast.” <proud dad>
So then I have him draw a square.  Then a square next to it.
“Now draw one here at this edge.  Now at this edge.  Now here.  How many squares wide is this one?”
He writes a 1 in the first one, then in the second, then 2, 3.
“Are these numbers familiar?”
“Draw another one.”
“How about now?”
“Well, I’m 8, and Liam is 1.”
“Keep going.”
“13. 21. 34. 55.”  !!!  “Hey, that’s the same pattern!  You’re tricky!”
Of course it lead to a nice little Google image search episode to see the original pattern and some examples of FibSeq in nature.  Next I’ll show him some architectural applications of the Golden Ratio, then on to the Mandelbrot Set.  Train a child up in the way he should go, and all that jazz.  .-)

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