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Mind blown by… Genesis?

No, not the band.  Yes, the book of the Bible.

I mean, yes, the whole thing really is good, and you get to the parts where so-and-so begat so-and-so, and so on and so forth, and you just read those with such anticipation that you just KNOW that God has something profound to tell you through it.
Ok, honesty time – I’ve never read the entire Bible, so I’m beginning now and really just thought I would skim those sections.  (Here is where my nerdy side comes in)  Something just felt strange about the numbers, so I actually studied it and realized that Noah was still alive when Abraham was born.  ???!!?!  Abraham was the 10th generation after Noah, so he was his great(x8) grandson.  In fact, Abraham’s entire lineage lived until he was at least 48, and some (his great -x7, x5 and x4-grandfathers) actually outlived him.
How is that for some heritage?  I think this must have quite a bit to do with Abraham believing God and it counting as his righteousness.
I know I never went to Bible school, but I’d have thought someone would have taught on this by now.  Off to read some more…


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